Earthenware is a collective effort between different collaborating artists who strive to explore significant cities in the Hanseatic League. Through this project, we want to explore both each individual city’s history as well as the relationship between other cities in the Hanseatic League. Based upon each city’s unique history, we will then create a piece of crockery which embodies the specific city’s very essence as well as what we’ve learnt, both in design and aesthetic.
The complete project will incorporate all the following aspects:

  • The creation of each city’s unique piece of crockery.
  • A comprehensive nine-part documentary series.
  • Mass producing each individual piece of crockery to be made for sale to the public.
  • A website giving general news updates, information on our project as well as a platform on which the public can order pieces of crockery.
  • An art exhibition comprising of the photographic works of Jorijn Mulder, this will also include a booklet with the collection of works.
  • Specially designed artisanal packaging for each piece of crockery sold.

The project, with all its different facets will then be showcased as an exhibition at the Hanzedag festival in Kampen in June 2017.